Mayor and City Council

Mayor and City Council

The City of Panorama Village operates under a Type A General Law Municipality that was adopted by the citizens of Panorama Village in 1972. The Type A General Law Municipality provides for the election of a city council consisting of a mayor and five council members. The council is charged to “enact local legislation, adopt budgets, determine policies and execute the laws and administer the government of the City.”

The Mayor and Council members are elected to serve two-year terms. The terms are staggered so that one half of the council is up for election every two years. The elections are held in May of each year.

City Council morning meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:30 P.M. in City Hall located at 99 Hiwon Drive.  For additional information on Council dates and times, please call (936) 856-2821.

Lynn Scott, Mayor – (Term expires 5/2018)

The Mayor presides over the council and votes only in the case of a tie. The Mayor serves as the head of city government for civil processes, ceremonial functions, and military purposes, should the need arise. In times of public danger or emergency, he takes command of the police and maintains law and order. The Mayor is responsible for submitting the city’s budget to the council each year and for making appointments to various boards and commissions established by the council.
The Mayor can be reached at: 99 Hiwon Drive, Panorama Village, Texas 77304; by phone at (936) 856-2821; by fax at (936) 856-2547.

Ted Nichols- (Term expires 05/2019)

The¬†Mayor Pro-Tem, in case of the failure, inability, or refusal of the mayor to act, the mayor pro-tem shall perform the duties of the mayor. If both the mayor pro-tem and the mayor are absent, any council member may be appointed to preside at the meeting. When serving as presiding officer at a meeting in the mayor’s absence, the mayor pro-tem or the council member acting in the mayor’s place shall retain their right to vote on matters before the council without regard to a tie.


The Council members adopt the laws and policies for the city. They review and act on the annual budget that the mayor submits to them.

Members of the city council can be reached at: 99 Hiwon Drive, Panorama Village, Texas 77304; by phone at (936) 856-2821; by fax (936) 856-2547

Council Member Position No. 1 – Royce Engler (Term expires 5/2018)
Council Member Position No. 2 – Clint Fowler (Term expires 5/2018)

Council Member Position¬†No. 3 –¬†Ted Nichols¬† (Term expires 5/2019)
Council Member Position No. 4 – Dean Bishop (Term expires 5/2018)
Council member Position No. 5 –¬†Doug¬†McEntire¬†(Term expires 5/2019)

Lisa Evans, City Secretary – Lisa Evans has been City Secretary of Panorama Village since April of 1996. The City Secretary is an officer of the City appointed by, and reporting directly to, the Mayor and City Council. State law and the City Charter statutorily require the position of City Secretary, by ordinance, and is also designated as the Records Management Officer and Public Information Officer for Panorama Village.

As City Secretary, Lisa is dedicated to upholding the ethics of the City Secretary’s Office by providing a professional link between the citizens and the local governing body. She provides direction during municipal elections and records the actions of the Council with impartiality and neutrality.

Contact Information

99 Hiwon Drive
Panorama Village, Texas 77304
Phone : (936) 856-2821
Fax : (936) 856-2547